Mishaal HP x Erie Anna
2005 Grey Straight Egyptian Stallion
Saklawi Jedran Strain
SCID & CA Clear
Owned by the Scapa Syndicate
Standing at Paradise Arabians

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Stunning. Attention-grabbing. Astonishing. These are a few of the adjectives used to describe this magnificent straight Egyptian Arabian stallion. At liberty, his trot is so extended you can’t help but picture him competing with warmbloods in dressage. Turn him loose in a big pasture, and his speed is breathtaking—he looks like he belongs on the racetrack. Add to this athleticism an incredibly sculpted face, sleek, muscled, high-set neck, and a smooth body, and you’ve got a package that’s very impressive. Though he is extraordinarily tall at the withers, perhaps his most impressive feature is his scope. He is so upright, with so much arch in his neck, he literally looks “down” on everything and everyone!