LPS Thunderstruck
Thee Infidel x Bella Minstral
2000 Bay Straight Egyptian Mare
Hadbah Enzahiyah thru Venus in strain

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“Thunderstruck” has proven her quality by producing Award winning Champion foals.  She is a treasure of a mare and is currently in foal to Scapa. We are eagerly awaiting the birth of her next foal in Spring 2013.  Inquiries regarding LPS Thunderstruck and her in-utero foal are welcome.

“Thunderstrucks” 2010 colt JLS Aayns Al Reejis won the Egyptian Events “Junior Colt Supreme Championship” in 2011. He went on to compete in Scottsdale, AZ in February 2012 winning the International Arabian Breeder Championship with Michael Byatt at the lead.  His new owners Josh Heath and Dr. Jay Jolley are enjoying the winners circle with their new star!

Spring 2011 Beth couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Ibn Raed take his first steps.  To have been blessed with another amazing colt had been too much to hope for but there he stood.  True to his strain (Hadban Enzahi) Ibn Raed is an all around great horse.  He has wonderful width between his large dark eyes, excellent length of neck, and long elegant legs.   His movement and presence make you take notice.  He truly exemplifies the best qualities of his pedigree.  This was validated by his acheivment at the 2012 Egyptian Event where he won He competed in Egyptian Event 2012 and won the Championship in his division of Yearling Colts!

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