Ibn Raad (formerly Ibn Raed)
(Scapa x LPS Thunderstruck) by Thee infidel
2011 Bay Straight Egyptian Colt
Hadban Enzahi in strain

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Multiple Nominations:
Pyramid Society Halter Futurity,  Scottsdale Signature Stallion Futurity

2012 Champion Futurity Yearling Colt
2013 Unanimous Champion Futurity Finals 2 yr old Colts
2013 Silver Champion Junior Egyptian Colt
2013 Bronze Junior Champion Colt Arabian Breeder Finals
2014 Top 5 Arabian Breeders World Cup
2014 Champion Straight Egyptian Colts – 3 Years Old 
2014 Silver Champion Junior Champion Straight Egyptian Colts 

Ibn Raad is an exceptional colt with the beauty and charisma required by breeders.  He has already won his Yearling Colt Futurity Class at the 2012 Egyptian Event.  His confirmation and Arabian qualities were evaluated and favorably judged by a panel of prestigious judges.  The result was his breeder and owner (Elizabeth Witt) being awarded the coveted Breeder of the Year Championship for the Highest Scoring Futurity Colt!

He is tall, elegant, and exotic!  Browse his photo’s or better still come see him for your self.  His disposition is just what a great show horse needs.  He is hardworking and willing to please; curious and eager to learn; with exciting animated movement that will take your breath away!
His pedigree is beautifully blended with some of the most respected and sought after blood in the world.  To list a few:  Imperial Imdal+, TheEgyptianPrince, Ansata Halim Shah and the dam lines…..*Magidaa, Mesoudah M, Moniet El Nefous!
Ibn Raad is royally bred and exhibits the very best qualities of his pedigree.  He is available for purchase and will make an exciting and valuable addition to anyone’s show string as well as being well qualified as a future sire.



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  1. in TN Glad the boys are doing better! I do so love heanrig about the horses there! Wish I had a scanner and was smarter about computers-I’d put photos of my cats on here. Star is SO cute she has lynx ears they have little tufts on the ends and she has such an expressive face! Katie’s eyes are so blue you justcan’t believe it! When I was in school in Monrovia,I only got to go to the track once,but,as I mentioned once before here,I used to listen every night to the radio recap of the day’s races I loved it!!@ Terry Crow I LOVED the joke about the devil’s sister!! I have been chuckling about it for days and telling it too giving you credit,of course!! It really is priceless!!I loved that movie too in fact,I own it on VHS. My Thomasina had white feet just like the one in the movie I got her for my birthday as a kitten when I was about 35.She lived to be about 15. Star has a couple of orange patches on her back in the middle of all of her gray tabbiness I always touch it and tell her that’s Thomasina,right there! @ Trina Nagele and Judy Berube Thanks for your comments!! I look forward to your posts all the time!! This is such a great extended family!!Wish we could ALL meet at the BC next year!! Maybe I’ll win the lottery by then and it will be plane tickets all around!!!Zenny girl dream of pears and peppermints and all good things. May tomorrow bring you the sun on your back and a soft breeze to ruffle your mane LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Talk about beautiful! Wow! Can you tell me how much he is and how big he might get? He is poetry in motion! Thanks for your time. P.s. if you have any more pictures of him or videos could you please send them to me? Thanks

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