Al Nahar WEA

The Singleton x MinstrilsGreyMist
2011 Grey Straight Egyptian Gelding
DOB May 6 2011
Dahman Shahwan thru El Dahma in Strain

Al Nahar WEA has been gelded and is in under-saddle training.

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Al Nahar takes 1st Place Yearling Colts &
Reserve Champion Junior Colt at
Music City Arabian Horse Show

Pyramid Society Halter Futurity
Scottsdale Signature Halter Futurity

 Beautiful Grey Straight Egyptian colt sired by The Singleton!
Two of his sisters Al Helwett and Al Basmah have been exported to Europe!  His dam MinstrilsGreyMist produced the 2008 Supreme Champion Gelding, El Helou!

 The blood of the immortal *Morafic courses thru his veins both top and bottom.  His dam MinstrilsGreyMist carries the priceless blood of *Ibn Moniet El Nefous (*Morafic x Moniet El Nefous).  One of the most influential stallions imported to this continent and is highly revered to this day as a cornerstone for quality breeding programs in the US and around the world.

 He exemplifies classic Arabian type.  He is exotic with a very large dark round eye, tightly set beautiful ears, good straight legs, and animated movement.  He is graying very quickly and has black velvety skin with only one partially colored hoof.  He is absolutely a show and breeding quality colt! The wonderful consistency his pedigree represents promises to reproduce itself many times over.



3 comments on “Al Nahar WEA

  1. Can you please tell me what the price for him is and how big he will get? He definitely belongs in a show ring and I would be honored to do that. I already love him and he would have a loving home. Thank you for your time.

    • I expect him to be 15. to 15.1 hands. He is greying very nicely and is a sweetheart to work with. Please give me a call 256-701-4242. Thank you for your comments. We love him TOO!

  2. Beautiful and a great mover with great confirmation. He steals your heart, or at least he did mine. What is
    his asking price. Thanking you in adance for your assistance.


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